celandine blue plate

celandine on a blue plate - handknitting & inkjet print

'Spring comes to Shap'  14 - 28 March 2021

In response to a commission from the local arts organisation 'Highlights' and Eden District Council, I have made a series of images to celebrate the themes of rebirth and growth, which depend on the miracle of natural light returning to our northern town and the surrounding fells.

The images are digital collages, involving combinations of paintings, photographs and text. They will be printed and installed in three locations: outside the Old Courthouse, on the Churchyard Gates and along the fence of Rose Bank opposite the Hermitage Guest House. I hope people will enjoy coming across them as they walk around the town.


The Hive, Nenthead CA9 3PF    CLOSED currently due to Lockdown

My cushions & frameworks are on display in the Craft Shop area of the cafe.  www.hivenenthead.co.uk


The Old Courthouse, Shap CA10 3NL   CLOSED currently due to Lockdown

See my Lockown Drawings in the online exhibition - ink & watercolour studies of Shap and pencil drawings  www.theoldcourthouse.org


'Days Without End' at Caerlaverock Wildlife & Wetland Trust, Dumfries & Galloway

This joint exhibition with ceramicist Julian Francis, deferred from April 2020,  will hopefully open 9 May - 12 June 2021. www.wwt.org.uk